Small Has Big Impact

Small projects have a big impact on our lives.  The challenge of many small projects is how to make the greatest impact with a modest budget. By defining priorities early in the design phase, construction cost can be allocated to elements that have the most value.  Many times, functionality of small space needs extra attention. Doing more with less becomes a guiding principle of the entire collaborative team.

From Concept to Reality

DeKalb Medical Cancer Center

Donalson architects provides computer generated models to assist clients in the project planning phase. Conceptual renderings are extremely useful in helping define project expectations.  Our ability to provide concept models during the design process is a valuable tool in obtaining stakeholder buy-in and leadership approvals.

In addition to the benefits to the project team, these conceptual images are useful for soliciting donors or obtaining funding from outside sources.

Foundation of Service

Client-Centered service is the foundation of our firm's approach to every project.  We believe each endeavor throughout a project provides the opportunity to focus on the best interests of the Client .

Our Client-Centered philosophy is an approach used in healthcare where the patient, or "Client", is encouraged to be an open participant throughout the continuum of care.  The care team listens and guides, and creates an environment where the Client is an active participant in finding  solutions that progress him toward his goal.

 Our goal for each project is to maintain a client-centered culture throughout the design process. Our approach to project development is not to dictate solutions but, to listen and help Clients discover solutions that best fit their needs.

    define  | develop |  deliver
is the core of our development process. Design teams should not complicate projects but, should look for every opportunity to simplify the process. 

Our approach to projects is simple;

define the goals and budget, develop the drawings, and assist the constructor to deliver the project.